All about us.

The central element of our activities and corporate philosophy is the responsible and consistent orientation towards our customers, whom we have been transporting safely and comfortably to work, school and on holiday for decades.
"Customer satisfaction is a priority within our organisation. We aim to achieve this by being the best employer in our sector and guarantee the high-quality standard of our fleet. Due to the combination of both we can get the best out of our drivers and material, which increases our service level towards passengers and clients."
Fedor Overeem
General Manager

As a subsidiary of Voyages Emile Weber and originally created by merging the activities of Bollig Voyages, Voyages Simon and Voyages Wagener, WEmobility is your contact in the field of public transportation.

WEmobility’s strengths remain:
▪ The know-how of its employees and their many years of experience in passenger transport;
▪ Its strong territorial roots in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
▪ Its commitment to sustainable and responsible mobility for all in harmony with the environment, its communities and partnerships.

WEmobility has its headquarters in Fridhaff, Diekirch.

Our mission is mobility for all.

Our values.


At WEmobility, our employees are our most valuable resource. We believe that respectful and appreciative interaction is a key to motivation and employee satisfaction and thus to the success of the company. This applies equally to our dealings with colleagues, passengers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, we regularly sensitise our employees to handle the available material and the environment with care and in a resource-conserving manner. This is the only way we can make an active contribution to environmental protection and a sustainable future.


As an economic player, we are aware of our role in society and take responsibility for our actions. The health and safety of our employees and passengers are our top priority. We take sustainable action and thinking into account in all our corporate processes. As pioneers, we want to make a difference and create regional added value. We are aware that this takes time. That is why we focus on a long-term and future-oriented corporate strategy.


At WEmobility, it is important to us to enter into constant dialogue with all stakeholders and to have an open ear for everyone. We promote an open, positive and multicultural corporate culture that lives diversity and condemns discrimination of all kinds. We value the commitment and proactivity of our employees to actively shape the future with us. Honest and respectful feedback is therefore particularly important to us. When it comes to technology and innovation, we are in favour of new ways and solutions. This is the only way we can offer our passengers an even better service.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our commitment revolves around three key factors:

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WEmobility contributes in particular to the following SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals):
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"We are increasingly confronted with environmental issues, and as a transport company our commitment to sustainable mobility is even more important. We attach great importance to sustainability in all areas, whether it's e-mobility, the purchase of eco-friendly goods, economical driving, recycling, etc. Together we can achieve a lot."
Stéphanie Gomes
CSR Committee

We are certified.

Our planet and our daily lives are more and more exposed to the consequences of climate change. WEmobility is aware of these challenges and is working hard to deploy sustainable mobility solutions. One of our company’s commitments is to act responsibly for citizens, communities and the planet.