Lost & Found.

Have you left your smartphone, bag or other items on the bus? Our team will take good care of your belongings and help you get them back as quickly as possible.

I forgot something on the bus. What do I have to do?

Contact us
Write us an e-mail
or give us a call
(+352) 28 13 82 -1

Check here first to see if we have found your lost item.

Not found?

Please provide us with the following information:
– Bus route/number
– date/time
– Time according to timetable
– Direction of travel

Pick up
If the item has been found, you will receive a confirmation as soon as possible. Pick up at the following address:

55, Zone Industrielle
L-9099 Ingeldorf


Opening hours: 08.00 – 16.00

Lost items
All lost property is stored for 3 months. Valuables (smartphones, wallets, etc.) will be handed over to the police in Diekirch:

8, rue Alexis Heck
L-9242 Diekirch


Phone: (+352) 244 801 000

Let’s see how we can help you!

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