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"Customer satisfaction is a priority within our organisation. We aim to achieve this by being the best employer in our sector and guarantee the high-quality standard of our fleet. Due to the combination of both we can get the best out of our drivers and material, which increases our service level towards passengers and clients."
Fedor Overeem
General Manager

Everyday mobility

Our core competence.

Whether it's getting to work on time, getting children safely to school or taking young people into town to meet friends: WEmobility ensures that every passenger reaches their destination comfortably, relaxed and safely. Our vision of the future revolves entirely around emission-free, always available and sustainable mobility for everyone. With our teams, we are doing everything we can to realise this vision and are constantly developing new ideas and concepts.

Bus rental

Competent and reliable: our tailor-made mobility services for you and your company.

We provide a host of bespoke services which are carefully tailored to businesses who need to transport their employees. - Do you need a professional shuttle service for your company event? - Do you want to start your business trip relaxed and need an airport shuttle? - Or would you like your employees to grow closer with team building sessions and need modern and safe buses to transport them to the location? Then you can rely on us to take care of all the details. Together we will discuss your requirements and find the ideal solution for you.


Vehicle Inspection „Contrôle Technique“.

The safety of our customers and correspondingly high quality standard requirements for our fleet are the top priorities of our Maintenance Team. Thanks to the deep expertise and long experience of our team, we also offer the technical inspection of our customers' vehicles.

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